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Vice President Ralf Schroth, 2003-2006

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schroth
Date of birth
: 18 July 1953
Nationality:  German


Professional Career

Ralf Schroth, born in Berlin, studies Geodesy and Surveying from 1972 up to 1977 at the University of Stuttgart. After the probationary period for the national surveying administration in the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg he got his degree as legal surveyor in 1979.

He worked as a scientific assistant at the Institute for Photogrammetry at the University of Stuttgart under the leadership of Prof. Fritz Ackermann till 1984. There he was active in the fields of research and development, giving lectures in photogrammetry and adjustment theory, software development for aerial triangulation and photo-reproduction. In 1985 obtaining the degree of Doktor-Ingenieur.

Since 1984 he is working with company Hansa Luftbild in Muenster, where is now acting as managing director of Hansa Luftbild Sensorik und Photogrammetrie GmbH and member of the board for the holding Hansa Luftbild AG.

Ralf Schroth has more than 20 years experiences in business administration and management, project management, Photogrammetry und Geo-Information systems. He introduced different GI-systems at the Hansa Luftbild Group and was in charge of them. Already in 1988 he was announced as a member of the management board at Hansa Luftbild GmbH and co-founded an international group of companies. He was also responsible for general contracting projects on the Arabian Peninsula. He is board member in several affiliated companies in Germany and abroad.

Since 1991 he is a lecturer at the University of Hanover for business administration and management for surveying engineers. In 1997 he got the appointment as honorary Professor from the University of Hanover. Since 2003 he is also lecturer at the Polytechnical University of Barcelona.

Vice President of the International Federation of Surveyors (2003-2006).


There are more than 40 national and international publications. Their content is related to photogrammetry, GIS, production processes and management.


There are about 60 presentations on scientific or technical events.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schroth
Managing Director
Hansa Luftbild Sensorik
und Photogrammtrie GmbH
Elbestr. 5
48145 Muenster
Tel. + 49 251 23300
Fax + 49 251 2330 112
Mobile + 49 172 5329 175

1 June 2006

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